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The traditional timber rafting and shipping community of Kamp-Bornhofen in the Loreley Valley is a friendly tourist community that is well known throughout Germany and beyond for its famous pilgrimage church and monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

In addition to modern hotels and comfortable guesthouses, the area also offers traditional Rhenish wine taverns and upmarket restaurants and cuisine. Our leisure facilities are perfect for family holidays. Indeed the community in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the “Upper Middle Rhine Valley”, has something for everyone: for sports enthusiasts, there is an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, hiking trails, cycle tracks and footpaths through the high ground and along the banks of the Rhine. Playgrounds, the Middle Rhine Nature Trail, the boundary stone nature trail, and a timber rafting and shipping museum, and a local history museum complete the range of options

Standing at the top of the mountain looking down over the district of Bornhofen is particularly romantic and exploring the “Liebenstein” and “Sterrenberg” castles, better known as the “hostile brothers” transports you on a journey into the past.

The boat processions carrying pilgrims to see the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, which have been taking place since the middle ages, cannot be found anywhere else in Germany. After enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Middle Rhine Valley during a day of trips around Kamp-Bornhofen and the surrounding area by car, train or boat, you can really spoil yourself in the evening. The area boasts many well-run hotels and guesthouses: some 3-star, 3-star superior or even 4-star. Quaint wine bars with their traditional Rhenish evenings, wine tasting, delicious food and – depending on the location – game from the local area of Kamp, certainly offer a change of scenery and are perfect places to round off a great day.

Our area, with its redesigned riverside promenade is ideal for families with children, senior citizens and anyone looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.